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Export Your Podcasts from iTunes as OPML

The kind folks over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog recently featured a quick tip — originally posted by Nathan Nutter — about how to export your podcasts out of iTunes.

Most everyone collected their podcasts in iTunes when the downhill race started last year, but now feed readers and dedicated podcast software apps are showing up with more features and UI magic.

The real kicker here is that iTunes includes the option for you to export your podcast list as an OPML file. The OPML standard is an open source XML format for storing outline data. It’s also the industry standard for storing subscription lists (scroll down to see yesterday’s Monkey Bites post on centralized RSS directories using OPML).

So, there’s no need to unsubscribe to all of your podcasts in iTunes, then re-subscribe to them in another feed reader. Just export your subscriptions as OPML, pop the resulting file into your feed reader of choice and all of your podcast subscriptions are neatly arranged in the new location.

[link via TUAW]