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Pikipimp: Pimp Your Photos

Pikipimp is a fun new online photo service that allows you to edit your photos Mr. Potato Head-style, adding in hats, beards, bikinis, jewelry and more to create new images.

To use Pikipimp upload a photo to the site and then drag-and-drop supplemental images into your picture. You can then drag, rotate and resize the beards, bikinis and other items to fit over the content of your image.

Below the main editing area is a layers “palette” with options that amount to a stripped down version of Photoshop. You can drag-and-drop to re-order the layers, control the transparency and manually enter dimensions.

When you’re editing and resizing the images may at times be blurry or pixelated to reduce load time, but clicking the “preview image” button will show the sharpened final result.

When you have everything just the way you like it, you can save the image and Pikipimp will generate some cut-and-paste code you can post on any page you want. There’s also a link to download a .jpg copy of your creation.

The photo below was at some point columnist Tony Long who I felt, like the rest of us here at, could use a makeover into a Nordic Jesus Pimp.

Pikipimp isn’t going to change the world, but it is an impressive piece of online software and a fun way to while away the the last few hours of your monday.