Vista Month: Windows Vista For Beginners

VistabeginnersContinuing with our Vista Month theme, we recently came across the excellent Vista for Beginners website, which is chock full of advice, tutorials, tips and tricks for those migrating to Windows Vista.

Much of the content on Vista for Beginners is aimed at XP users feel more comfortable in the new OS, but even those migrating from older systems, as well as those brand new to the world of Windows, will find some time and frustration saving gems in here.

Especially useful for those familiar with past versions of Windows is the “Where to find…” section of Vista for Beginners, which so far has tutorials for restoring the Shut Down and Log Off buttons as well as the good old “Run” button.

If you’re having trouble adjusting to the Vista way of thinking, or if you’re thinking about upgrading, but are worried about having to learn a new workflow, Vista for Beginners can help ease the transition.