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Twitter: The New Cat Blog?


Dave Winer examines the argument. He makes a great point, namely that when blogging first started out, people were decrying it as a fad. Twitter is going through a similar cycle, but has yet to build up the same level of momentum as a useful tool.

Dave: "How many pizza deliveries on the other coast can you stand to be notified of before you unsub?"

Leander, our managing editor, isn’t buying into the fad. He’s convinced his Twitter feed would read something like "I’m putting on my socks!" or "I’m going to the bathroom!" Like, who cares?

Steve Rubel puts it all into perspective. Here’s a note that he sent out earlier today — on Twitter, of course: "As Twitter grows in popularity, so will its use for cat blogging. It will grow old fast. People will want bites of substance."