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YouTube Launches Lackluster Video Editing Tools

Last Friday YouTube quietly launched a new online video editing tool dubbed Remixer. Remixer uses Adobe’s flash-based Premiere Express web app and is nearly identical to the video editing tools launched by Photobucket earlier this year.

In fact there’s so little difference, our earlier review will suffice to give you an overview of what Remixer offers. In brief: very little aside from back-button headaches. Combine that with the fact that Photobucket Remixer launched its version way back in February and you can see why we’re underwhelmed.

While the new editing tools may appeal to those shooting video with their cellphones or other sources that make it easy to upload first and edit later, most operating systems ship with some sort of video editing package these days and frankly even the most basic desktop app is going to blow YouTube Remixer out of the water.

Along with the Remixer YouTube also launched a mobile version of the site. The slimmed down mobile interface features video selections in streamed 3GP. Hitting the site on your mobile will display a prominent warning:

YouTube Mobile is a data intensive application. We highly recommend that you upgrade to an unlimited data plan with your mobile service provider to avoid additional charges.

Much as I would like to test YouTube Mobile, I don’t have an unlimited data plan, so I’ll defer to the folks over at Gizmodo who found that while the initial offering is fairly impressive, there are some drawbacks:

  • No way to upload videos via the page, but you can still upload via SMS, as always.
  • Not all videos on the main page are online, and there’s no discernible pattern to what you’ll find.
  • The files come in .3gp streamed format. You can’t download them to save.
  • Video res is downscaled compared to the main site, but impressive.
  • Buffering takes about 10 seconds or so. These files aren’t small, and downloading them and playing them is likely to destroy your battery life.
  • Sorry iPhone, these videos are too beefy for EDGE.

Gizmodo posted the following video demo as well.

YouTube Remixer in action: