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A Whirlwind of Demos on Display as iPhoneDevCamp Winds Down


The moPhaic boys (inexplicably wearing hard hats) attempt to collect 50 iPhoneDevCamp attendees for a live demo. They’ve come up with a web app that creates a mosaic image using 50 iPhones. Each iPhone is a pixel in the final image, creating an effect similar to this. We haven’t seen their demo yet — the logistics of their project means they are going last, and they’re still setting up.

UPDATE: The moPhaic crew ended up gathering 25 iPhones, and they successfully built a five by five mosaic display which faded from one image to the next in sync. Pretty impressive even though it hiccuped a bit at times. They also loaded a text message that slowly scrolled across all 25 screens.

A few of the noteworthy demos we’ve seen this afternoon are profiled here — just load the iPhoneDevCamp category page on Compiler and scroll down.

Other cool demos: SonicLiving‘s interface for browsing the iTunes Music Store and purchasing music; iSleuth, which sends webcam stills to your iPhone every 20 seconds; Seni Sangrujee’s iPheed app, which lets you stash links, lists and RSS searches on the web for mobile access; and AppMarks, a virtual desktop of your favorite webapps that runs in the browser.

Another one I should mention is gOffice for iPhone, a word processor for the device that lets you create an MS Word document and e-mail it to yourself. I typed up a document with ease during my test, but my e-mailed to myself never appeared. I tried it twice and had no luck.