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Let Your iPhone Tell You What To Do Tonight

Picture_1John Tantalo just gave a demonstration of his Eventful browser for the iPhone. iEventful pulls localized event information from and presents it inside an iPhone-optimized wrapper. On the surface, it’s nothing special — it’s cool and it works, but it’s an idea we’ve seen a few times already today at the iPhoneDevCamp. However, John’s app is noteworthy because it utilizes a new interface and behaviors library for the device called iUI.

The library is an extension of the work Joe Hewitt has done so far on his iPhone web app templates. A number of developers have started to use these templates, so a somewhat standardized look and feel for iPhone-optimized apps has slowly begun to emerge. The aim of iUI is to further optimize the templates by making them load faster and by adding extra functionality to phone rotation events. A new project for the library has been set up on if you want to contribute.