SCPlugin Brings Subversion To Mac OS X Finder

Mac users jealous of the excellent Subversion support in the Windows-only app TortoiseSVN, need covet no longer. SCPlugin does for the Mac OS X Finder what TortoiseSVN does for Windows — provides easy-to-use access to Subversion repositories without the need to jump over to a separate application.

I’ve been looking for something that would apply the Mac user experience to Subversion for some time (currently I use BBEdit for accessing Subversion files, it works but it’s a little cumbersome) and SCPlugin, while not perfect, is the closest I’ve seen.

The site claims that v0.7, is “now ready to be your one-and-only Subversion interface.” Whether or not that’s true for everyone depends on your working habits, but it does provide an easy way to access Subversion files from the Finder.

Worth noting is that SCPlugin has the addition of a repository browser listed as one of its possible future developments, which could help make Subversion on a Mac even more Mac-like. Of course, depending on how it’s setup, the coming Time Machine features in OS X 10.5 could eliminate the need for an outside versioning software.

[via Lifehacker, who also have an excellent guide to setting up a personal home Subversion server if you’ve never taken the plunge.]