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Yapta E-mail Alerts Track Your Airfare Prices

YaptaYapta, the airfare price tracking site we’ve looked at before, has rolled out a new e-mail alerts feature to notify you of changes in airfare price so you can potentially get a refund. The company already offers a browser plug-in (IE only) that helps you add airfare data to the site, but the new e-mail alerts feature is designed to keep you up-to-date after you buy your ticket.

The free service allows you to forward your airline confirmation email to Yapta which will then automatically alert you when your flight is available at a lower price and you are eligible for a travel voucher or cash refund.

How does that work you ask? Well Yapta is exploiting a little known clause in most airline price rules. This rule says that if you buy a ticket directly from an airline and the price drops afterward, you???re eligible for a refund. The airlines seem to make the voluntary offer on the basis that almost no one is aware of it, or has the time to actually track and take advantage of the offer.

Like the browser plug-in, Yapta’s new e-mail alert service is designed to give you the information you need and track prices for you so you can potentially receive your refund, without the hassle of actually looking up the price all the time.

For more on how Yapta works, see our earlier review.