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Avoid The Caps Lock Plague

capslock.jpgGadget Lab posted this morning on a recently discovered anti-caps lock feature on new Mac keyboards. Essentially the new keyboards make it easy to avoid accidentally triggering the caps lock key by forcing a time delay on the keystroke.

That’s a great feature, given our long-standing dislike of the caps lock key, but since the caps lock key is essentially useless — comment trolls and some programming languages not withstanding — why not just remap the key to something more useful?

If you’ve got a Mac and you’d like to re-map the caps lock key to something more useful — say crtl or cmd — check out the freeware utility Double Command, which allows you to re-map all sort of keys into more useful functions.

We reviewed Double Command earlier this year and not a lot has changed so I’ll just point you to the previous write up. And keep in mind that, if you don’t have the new Apple keyboard, but you’d like to avoid accidentally hitting caps lock and having to re-type your sentence, Double Command can, at the very least, just re-map it to a normal shift key.

If you know of similar solutions for Windows and Linux, let us know in the comments

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