Yahoo’s New Widget Puts Flickr Photos at Your Blogging Fingertips

WordpressYahoo has released a WordPress Plug-in that auto-suggests related content as you write an entry in the WordPress admin interface. With the plug-in installed, users will see potentially related content pop up from Yahoo Maps, Finance, Flickr and more.

The plug-in draws on the Yahoo Search Contextual Shortcuts Modules, a set of developer tools for pulling in Yahoo content.

Once installed the plug-in sits in the admin sidebar and when you type an entry it will alert you to any potential related content. For instance, type in a place name an you might get some hits on Flickr images or Yahoo maps. If you’re looking for additional content to include in your post, just click the module to open up the related content on a new page.

To include the suggested content, simply select it from the options, decide how you want it aligned and it will be automatically included in your post.

How the content is included depends on what it is. For things like map links or stock info, the plug-in will add a SnapShots-style JavaScript window, Flickr images on the other hand are actually displayed on the page. Given that not everyone is a fan of SnapShots-style pop-ups, the real appeal of this plug-in may well be the quick and easy access to related Flickr images.

Judging by the licensing terms for the Contextual Shortcuts Modules it would seem that only Yahoo-owned or Creative Commons licensed content will show up and anything you include will be properly credited, which eliminates any worries of copyright infringement.

I don’t have access to a WordPress installation so I haven’t tested the plug-in, but it certainly looks like an easy way to include, at the very least, some interesting Flickr images in your posts.

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