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Twitter 100: Follow Everyone You Know on One Page


Lately, we’ve seen a wave of webapps meant to extend or improve Twitter. The simplicity of the micro-blogging platform is what makes it appealing and useful in the first place, so we’re approaching many of these services with caution. Still, a couple of cool sites have emerged.

Yesterday, we saw a potential winner in Tweetmeme, a tracker for following what’s hot on Twitter. Well, here’s another killer mash-up for tweets: Twitter 100.

Just plug in your Twitter user name and you get an entire web page filled with the latest tweet from each of the people you’re following (up to 100), all of them laid out cleanly on a grid. Refreshes happen automatically and occur as often as you’d like. Try other user names at the end of the URL to see other Twitter users, complete with their friends.

It’s a nice change from the reverse-chronological listing that serves as Twitter’s default — especially since it shows only the latest tweet from each of your contacts. Such a filter is immensely useful if you happen to follow one of those people (coughScobleizer, ahem) who Twitters about every single thing that happens to him. Such people should be more careful, lest Epicenter editor Dylan Tweney slap them with his ban stick.