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Forumwarz RPG: Hilarious Satire Skewers the Web [NSFW]

forumwarz.jpg Essentially a role-playing game (RPG), Forumwarz humorously mocks internet culture – satirizing the flame wars, comment trolls, terrible grammar and other mainstays of the web. It’s a pretty funny way to while away a Friday, (though not safe for work).

Forumwarz bills itself as "a role-playing game so epic you will never again leave your mom’s basement."

It’s hard to go wrong with roles like Troll, Camwhore or Emo Kid. And just like your run of the mill RPG, each character has its own abilities, or lack thereof.

Should you decide to actually play, the goal is to wreak havoc on a series of fake websites, accumulating cred as you go. But even if you don’t play the game, the trailer is enough to make you smile.

Definitely not a destination for the easily offended (in fact you have to type the sentence, "I am not easily offended" to enter the site), or those with any sensitivity really, but pretty funny for the rest of us. At least until you head over to YouTube, read some comments and realize that the fictitious world of Forumwarz all too accurately parallels that of the real web.

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