Turn Your WordPress Blog into a Forum

Much of WordPress’ popularity stems from its extendability — the user community has created just about every plugin, add-on and feature extension you could possibly want, including turning your WordPress installation from a blog to a public forum.

Granted there are plenty of dedicated forum software packages out there, but most of them lack the user friendliness and familiarity of WordPress.

The idea comes from a WordPress user who goes by the name of the_dead_one (TDO). If you’d like to test out the theme in action, there’s a demo site available. If you like what you see, you can grab a copy of the theme at TDO’s blog. At the moment the theme is still an experiment and has few known bugs, but nothing too major.

Be forewarned though that the theme itself doesn’t take care of everything — in order to allow outside users to post to your new WordPress-powered forum, you’ll need to install the TDO Mini Forms plugin, which creates a custom posting interface for non-WordPress authors.

The results of the Theme/Plugin combo do indeed nicely mimic the average Forum. A few notable forum features aren’t present, but if you’ve always wanted to run a simple forum setup using the WordPress tools you’re already familiar with, this seems like an easy way to go.

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