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Tips For Turning Your Sluggish Website Into a Speed Demon

The Yahoo developers behind the YSlow Firefox extension — which helps web developers diagnose speed problems — are back with more tips on how to optimize your site for blazing fast page loads.

As the post on the Yahoo Developer blog suggests, “if your page isn’t getting an ‘A’ in YSlow, I recommend that you tackle those recommendations first.” However, if you’re sailing through YSlow with top marks and still looking for more ways to optimize your web pages the Yahoo team has some suggestions.

  • Flush the buffer early
  • Use GET for AJAX requests
  • Post-load components
  • Preload components
  • Reduce the number of DOM elements
  • Split components across domains
  • Minimize the number of iframes

There are twenty tips in all and judging by the comments on the post, expect to see tests for many of these rolled into YSlow at some point (now if only YSlow worked in Firefox 3…).

For those looking for more detail on all twenty tips here’s a slideshow that walks through each one:


[via Simon Willison]

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