Get Your Word Docs on the Web Without HTML Bloat

wordicon.jpgAs anyone who’s ever tried to go from a Word document to the web can tell you, Microsoft Word outputs some of the most hideous and bloated HTML you’re ever going to see. So what’s a standards savvy developer to do when the client hands off a fifty page Word document with the instructions, “put this on the site?”

It turns out there are some better ways to get your word documents into snappy, relatively cruft-free HTML without resorting to hand coding. Productivity Portfolio has a few suggestions, including the ever-popular, make-Gmail-do-it-for-you technique. In other words, just e-mail yourself the Word doc and then use Gmail’s “View As HTML” option to generate some much better looking code than the standard Word output.

Also in the list of suggestions is the Word HTML to sane HTML converter Textism, which promises to strip “Microsoft’s proprietary tags and other superfluous noise from Word-generated HTML documents.”

There are some other methods and tips in Productivity Portfolio’s post, but many of them will require you to actually own Word, Dreamweaver or other software packages.

[via Lifehacker]

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