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Six Apart Expands to Include Ad Network and More

sixapart.jpgSix Apart, the blogging software company behind Movable Type, Typepad and more, has decided to get into the advertising game by acquiring Apperceptive, a creative agency based in New York.

The goal is to move Six Apart from a software company to a full service, one-stop-shop for bloggers. Along the way the company plans to create an targeted advertising network similar to what Federated Media, the Deck and others offer. However, while the other advertising players have focused on top-tier blogs, Six Apart is taking a democratized approach and plans to offer the new network to any blog.

If fact you don’t even need to use Six Apart software to join the network since the advertising isn’t tied directly to the publishing software. For more info, check out the new Six Apart advertising page.

Perhaps even more interesting for the medium to large blog networks, is the announcement that Six Apart will also be offering to develop social media applications for clients. Always wanted to join in the Facebook or Open Social fun, but don’t have the programming know-how? You’re exactly the kind of client Six Apart is targeting.

Other new services include, “blog optimization” consulting, web design and a VIP support program for “influential bloggers.”

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