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Running Microsoft WorldWide Telescope on Your Mac

Microsoft recently made its WorldWide Telescope stargazing app available as a public beta, but, unfortunately for Mac users like our friends on the Wired Science blog, it’s a Windows-only app.

But of course you can run Windows on your Mac. WorldWide Telescope likely runs just fine on a dual boot setup using Apple’s BootCamp software, however, it’ll also work using the latest version of VMWare’s Fusion for Mac.

The VMWare team sent us a note yesterday to let us know that Fusion can indeed handle the DirectX requirements of WorldWide Telescope. I tested it out on a copy of Windows XP running in VMWare on my Macbook and, while there is a performance hit, WorldWide Telescope is still plenty snappy even running in a virtual machine.

Of course that isn’t to say that we wouldn’t like to see a native Mac OS X copy of WorldWide Telescope, but at least in the mean time Mac fans can check it out via VMWare Fusion.

It’s also worth noting that VMWare competitor Parallels supports DirectX in virtual machines so it should work as well.

VMWare has even posted a demo video showing WorldWide Telescope in action on a Mac:

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