FriendFeed Filters Find the ‘Best Of’ Your Friends

FfbestofFriendFeed, the data aggregation service that lets you see all your friends’ updates in one spot, is working hard to make that overwhelming stream of information easier to sort through. The company recently add a new “best of” filter that allows you to see only the posts you care out. Or presumably care about.

Just beneath the search box on your FriendFeed homepage you’ll find new links to see the “best of” FriendFeed from the past day, week, or month. The criteria for “best of” seems to be based on the number of stars from your friends, as well as number of comments and other data.

In other words, it’s more like most popular rather than best of, but either way it does allow you to filter the amount of data FriendFeed presents.

The one thing FriendFeed still lacks is a way to filter duplicated data.

Personally I still haven’t found a compelling use for FriendFeed that my news reader doesn’t already cover — after all, for the most part, it’s just RSS feeds. But if the service starts adding more filters that can actually narrow things down to what I really care about, and get rid of the duplicate posts, I may have to give FriendFeed another look.

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