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Sync Your iPhone 2.0 for $99, Or For Free

Another major component of the iPhone announcement yesterday, in addition to the App Store I griped about previously, is MobileMe, the service previously known as .Mac.

For $99 per year, Apple will store all your data on their servers — email, calendar — and

auto-synchronize it to your desktop machine as well as your iPhone. It’ll all be accessible at too, when that site launches, on what will doubtless be a flashy Ajax-heavy page.

Apple says “ is such a great web experience, it seems as if you’re using desktop software,” and also “To use the new web applications, make sure you have one of these browsers: Safari 3, Internet Explorer 7, or Firefox 2 or later” — i.e., not IE 6.

Shortly after Apple’s announcement of MobileMe, I got a press release from Funambol, the open-source-happy mobile company, promising that their free sync software will do the same exact thing for free.