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Find Out What’s Keeping You From Ejecting a Drive

WhatskeepingmeIf you regularly plug in external devices you know all about that frustrating dialog box, “this device is currently in use” which prevents you from ejecting the device. Wouldn’t it be much more helpful if the system told you which files were in use?

That’s the idea behind a clever little Mac donationware app by the name of What’s Keeping Me?. The idea is pretty simple, just type in the name of the device you’re trying to eject and What’s Keeping Me will identify the file or application that’s in use.

What’s Keeping Me then offers you the option to quit, relaunch, or kill the application.

Now it’s true, you can accomplish something similar with Activity Monitor or even the command line option lsof, but What’s Keeping Me offers a very nice graphical interface and makes things much easier.

In a perfect world there would be no need for this app as the Finder’s dialog box would say something useful like: “Can’t eject device X, file [file name] is in use by [app name].” But since we don’t live in that world at least now you have a solution.

If you’re on Windows and looking for something similar, check out UnLocker.

[via Lifehacker]

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