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Firebug Gets Dedicated Team

Firebug bug logoFrequent readers know how much we Webmonkeys love Firebug, the Firefox extension that makes web development a little easier. Today we learned that Mozilla created a Firebug team to improve the extension. That’s good news for Firebug and all of us that depend on it.

Jan Odvarko is a long-time Firebug contributor. He wrote the Firebug extension tutorial and has been a member of the Firebug Working Group, which has representatives from Yahoo and Google, among others.

John Resig is the creator of jQuery and a self-described JavaScript ninja. He has been an evangelist for Mozilla and will now be spending half of his time working on Firebug innovations. Here is John’s announcement post.

Multi-talented programmer Rob Campbell rounds out the new Firebug team. Rob worked on unit testing with the release engineering team for Firefox 3. He’ll now be working on Firebug full-time. Rob also announced this change on his blog, where he declared himself a Firebuggist.

Considering the talent on the Firebug team, we’re expecting big things and looking forward to what these guys come up with.

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