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Gmail Stops Automatically Adding Contacts

gmail.jpgGoogle has changed a longstanding and controversial behavior in the company’s mail app — Gmail no longer automatically adds everyone you e-mail to your contact list. If by chance you liked that behavior, Gmail will still keep track of all the people you send messages to, but the list is cordoned off in a new “suggested contacts” list.

The good news is that, according to commenters on a post over at Google Operating System, all the contacts Gmail already added to your address book are automatically moved out to the new suggested contacts list.

To get them or any new ones back, there’s a new option to move your “suggested contacts” into the address book, but according to early reports the old behavior is essentially gone.

Based on feedback from previous Monkey_Bites posts, most users will likely welcome the changes — particularly since, with old behavior, even addresses like those from bulk mailing lists would clutter up your address book.

As with most new Gmail features the address book changes appeared to be rolling out in phases. So far my account hasn’t been updated, if yours has let us know what you think.

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