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Hackintosh: Get OS X Running on the Ultraportable MSI Wind

OsxwindThe Macbook Air is pretty cool, but if you’re looking for a true subnotebook like the EeePC or MSI Wind, the Air comes up wanting — it’s thin and light, but it’s still big and expensive in comparison to true subnotebooks.

So you want your truly small notebook, but you want OS X running on it? Hackers have already figured out how to run OS X on the EeePC, and now hardware hacker Paul O’Brien has released a video and instructions on how to get OS X running on the MSI Wind (Advent 4211).

No it isn’t perfect, there’s no wifi, hibernation mode doesn’t work and it’s not for the feint of heart, but with a few modified kernel extension files you too can get OS X running on your Wind.

Of course you’ll be violating Apple’s EULA. Violating an EULA isn’t necessarily illegal, but if it bothers you then this hack isn’t for you. You’ll also need to download the kernel extensions via some questionable torrents, be careful and make sure you verify the hashes before you get started.

Until Apple realizes the thin isn’t small, and that the price of a small laptop also ought to be small, hacking OS X to work on machines like the Wind or EeePC is probably the Mac fans best bet for a true ultra portable OS X experience.

Here’s O’Brien’s video which walks you through the process of getting OS X up and running on the Wind.

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