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‘Unwrap Mosaics’ Take Video Editing to a New Level

By the time you finish watching this video, one thing should be abundantly clear: you’ll never be able to trust video again.

Of course CGI effects have probably already undermined your faith in video realism. But somehow CGI isn’t quite as remarkable as what’s shown in this collaborative video from Microsoft Research and the Weizmann Institute, which was presented at the recent Siggraph 2008 conference in Los Angeles.

The basic idea outlined in the video is using an algorithm to map a 3-D surface to 2-D, allowing the artist to paint over it. When the surface is then put back in the video, it adjusts to the movements of the camera and the subject.

In a way the technique appears similar to the “intelligent resizing” photo editing technology we’ve pointed out before, but in this case it’s being applied to video.

[via Google Blogoscoped]

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