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Google Dumps Page Creator

Google (labs) Page CreatorAfter over two years, Google took its Page Creator service out of Beta–by discontinuing it. Users with pages hosted by Page Creator will still be able to use the service.

Since the launch of Google Sites in February, many have had difficulty distinguishing the two offerings. Though separate services (Page Creator came out of Google Labs, Sites from their JotSpot acquisition), Pages seemed to be a subset of Sites. It’s good to see Google simplify their product line, even just this little bit.

Google Sites is like a lightweight Microsoft Sharepoint–it offers features for user-facing websites, as well as collaboration tools. It’s various modules (“gadgets,” as they say) make for a highly configurable site, compared to other similar software.

Real Webmonkeys wouldn’t get much use out of it. There’s no way to edit source directly, nor run any scripts. Google Sites is a cookie cutter site builder. In that sense, it is taking over for Page Creator in another way: the next time your great aunt asks you to build her a website, send her to Google Sites.

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