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Rafael Library Paints a Pretty UI Future

Rich interfaces may be easier with the new Rafaël JavaScript library. Programmer Dmitry Baranovskiy created the library to make it easy to create–and alter–vector graphics.

Using Rafaël, you can create shapes, apply rotations, and more. The library’s coolest demo has to be the image reflection:

Image reflection in Rafaël

Every bit of what is created by Rafaël is a DOM object. You can add events and create animations by modifying the objects. It’s a slick little library (only 18K compressed) that could be a foundation for doing some neat things using standardized code and no plugins.

The library uses scalable vector graphics (SVG) and Vector Markup Language (VML), so it works in all modern browser (plus IE 6!).

Check out the language reference and then see what you can create in the playground, which lets you test Raphaël JavaScript calls live.

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