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Rumor: Google Docs to Add Image Sharing Feature

gdocs.jpgLong time Google watcher, Google Operating System, claims that GDocs may soon see support for uploading and sharing image files. Poking around in the code reveals that there’s already an icon for a photo section, suggesting Google may be getting ready to perhaps integrate Picasa and Google Docs.

As it stands uploading an image file to Google Docs places the image inside a document, which is considerably less useful that having direct access to the image.

If Google does add image support to Google Docs, it’ll bring the company one step closer to the fabled “GDrive” which would allow users to store and share just about any type of content on the web.

Of course this is just a rumor and one commenter on the Google Operating System post suggests that image support (and the underlying code on the site) is just an undocumented hangover from the Writely days (Google Docs came out of the company’s acquisition of Writely).

For now it’s all speculation, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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