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Adobe AIR for Linux no Longer a Second Class Citizen

AirlogoAdobe has released an update to its Adobe AIR beta for Linux, which brings hybrid on/offline AIR apps to the Linux platform.

The latest version of the Linux beta brings AIR on Linux up to rough feature parity with the Windows and Mac versions. The notable exceptions include support for DRM and badge installations.

But you will find the update adds features like support for system tray icons, keyboard shortcuts, localization, internationalized input, filetype registration, SWF and PDFs in HTML, multi-monitor support, fullscreen mode, encrypted local storage and more.

Adobe claims that any AIR application that works on the Windows/Mac AIR 1.1 should now work on Linux as well, except of course for those that use DRM features, but somehow we doubt Linux users are upset about that.

You can grab a copy of the latest version of the Linux beta from the Adobe Labs page.

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