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Adobe Lightroom 2.1: More Cameras, Fewer Bugs

Lightroom2boxAdobe has made a Lightroom 2.1 release candidate available for download on the Adobe Labs site. The update eliminates a number of bugs, improves performance and adds support for some newer DSL cameras.

The main focus for this release is stamping out bugs introduced by the recent 2.0 upgrade, so don’t expect any new features.

But if you’ve got a new Mac, Lightroom 2.1 should be a bit faster thanks to improved rendering performance on 64-bit Intel machines. For the rest of us, the update promises to solve a number of bugs, including some image rotation issues and problems that could arise when transferring files to Photoshop.

Lightroom 2.1 is also notable for including all the additional RAW profiles that were of the recent Camera Raw 4.6 update.

While Lightroom 2.1 is a release candidate and should be stable, it isn’t intended for production work. Still, if you’ve got a new camera, or have been bitten by bugs in Lightroom 2.0, it might be worth giving 2.1 it a try. And of course if you find any bugs, be sure to let Adobe know.

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