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Catch Up With Latest DjangoCon News Online

We’re deep into the second day of DjangoCon, the two day event dedicated to the open-source web framework. There are some over-arching themes we’re seeing here, mostly involving a lot of self-criticism among Django’s core developers and a lot of discussion about how the framework can be improved and extended so it can better compete with more mature offerings like Rails. Also, you can sense the enthusiasm — everyone’s sporting Django shirts and buttons, chattering away about Django, GeoDjango, Python, and some cool new Django-powered site they heard about at last night’s party.

The hosts here at Google will be posting videos of all the talks soon (we’ll put up a link as soon as one’s available). Attendees are posting photos to Flickr, as are the Webmonkeys. You can also check out the latest tweets using this Twitter widget we whipped up: