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Django Unveils 1.1 Roadmap

django folderAs announced at the recent Django Conference, the web development for “perfectionists with deadlines,” is moving to a regular, timed release schedule. The full details of how Django releases and version numbers will work can be found in the project’s much improved documentation, but the real news is that Django 1.1 will arrive in March 2009.

That means that if there’s something you’d like to see in Django 1.1, you need to make your proposal before November 7. Come November 15, we’ll get to see what the Django team will be working on for the next release.

Look for django 1.1 at arrive somewhere around March 16-20.

As outlined in the docs, all minor Django release (1.1, 1.2, etc) should be backwards compatible with earlier 1.x releases, so if you’re writing code for Django 1.0 you should be fine when the next minor version arrives.

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