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Favtape Reborn as a Muxtape Replacement

favtapeFavtape, one of our favorite ways to build online playlists, has relaunched with a host of new features that mean the site is no longer exclusively tied to Pandora and playlists. I fact, the revamped Favtape is now a worthy replacement for the still-on-RIAA-compelled-hiatus, Muxtape.

When we looked at Favtape earlier this year, its features were somewhat limited — the idea was to provide a very simple way of getting on-demand access to your Pandora and playlists. But since then the popular Muxtape was forced to shutdown and, sensing an opportunity, Favtape has expanded to embrace many of Muxtape’s features.

Most notably, Favtape now offers accounts, which are free and allow you to create mixes using any song, rather than old method, which imported your data from Pandora or Along with the new accounts come the ability to re-order of your playlists — an obvious feature that should have been available from the beginning.

Other new features include a host of links below each song in your playlist. — you’ll now have one-click access to lyrics, music videos and album art. Those looking to post their playlists elsewhere will be happy to know that there’s now an embeddable player available.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — Favtape has turned into Muxtape, which means surely, it too will be shut down.

Perhaps, but Favtape is different in one very important way — it doesn’t host any of the song files on its own site. Instead Favtape leverages the Seeqpod API to stream music. Seeqpod in turn is only indexing files already available on the web.

Of course that doesn’t mean the files are infringement-free, it just means that there’s no big target for the RIAA to go after.

Hopefully that means the recording industry won’t turn their sights on Favtape, but of course you never know, so enjoy it while you can.

[via Lifehacker]

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