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Google Looks Me-Too As Suggest Launches

Did you hear about the news from Google? Okay, so the Chrome browser is big news, but there’s something else we wanted to bring to your attention: Last week Google Suggest graduated to the front page of

Google Suggest on the home page

The feature finds possible matches to search terms as the user types. While it may seem old now, it was a Google innovation. Suggest was first created in 2004 and made developers clamor to figure out how it was done. This was before the term “Ajax” was coined and well before it was overused.

Google does not make a homepage change lightly. For this reason, many assumed Suggest would never be made the default experience of most users who go directly to to search.

The feature was incorporated into many other tools over the years, including the Firefox search bar. Yahoo added a similar feature to its homepage over a year ago.

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