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Rumor: Windows 7 to Arrive Early, First Beta Due October 27

Win7Windows 7, the much-anticipated successor to Microsoft’s Windows Vista OS, may arrive ahead of schedule. Although Microsoft has previously said that Windows 7 would not arrive until early 2010, new rumors surfaced Monday claiming that the company’s internal calendar puts the release date at June 3, 2009.

The rumor also says that Microsoft will use its upcoming Professional Developers Conference in October to launch the first public beta of Windows 7. Windows 7 could be announced on Oct. 27, during Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie’s keynote speech.

Microsoft has not yet responded to inquires from Webmonkey, but if the rumors are true it would be welcome news for those unhappy with Windows Vista.

Regardless of when it arrives, Windows 7 should offer a smoother transition than the one many users experienced moving from XP to Vista.

Much of the Vista backlash had to do with the system hardware requirements and the lack of third-party device drivers. Because Windows 7 will reuse the Vista Kernel and the same driver framework, a Vista-compatible PC should be just fine with Windows 7.

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