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Sweet Self-hosted Lifestreaming Tool Sweetcron

Sweetcron exampleSweetcron exampleSweetcron is a lightweight, configurable lifestreaming tool that you install on your server. Like services Tumblr and Friendfeed, you set up feeds from other services, such as your blog, Flickr, and Twitter. Sweetcron displays these feeds as your lifestream.

As our online selves get spread out among many different services, we’ll need tools like Sweetcron to bring everything back together. The big selling point of Sweetcron (which is free, so there’s no selling going on here) is its ability to be configured. For an example, see its creator’s site.

Sweetcron requires PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1, available on most web hosts. Installation is easy, though you’ll have to dig into some configuration files to make it work. There’s also fairly good documentation on creating/editing themes. To do some of the more complex stuff will require a little PHP, but you can accomplish quite a bit with CSS alone because each service is classed (ie, Flickr sections are set with class=”flickr_com”).

Be sure to check out the boxy theme that comes with Sweetcron, but isn’t enabled by default. That will get you started on the boxed look that Yong Fook uses on his site.

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