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Zoho Docs Unites Writer, Sheet and Show

We’ve covered every iterative web application to fall under Zoho’s office suite thus far — namely its writer, spreadsheet and presentation software. However, besides a single sign on, each application was an entity of its own. So it should come as no surprise that the latest release binds these apps together under the same roof.

Zoho Docs centralizes the online AJAX office suite and adds a file manager to help organize your online docs.

Create folders, subfolders, tag, copy, delete — all the typical file managing features are included. It even has drag and drop (thanks AJAX). Among the support of most (if not all) popular document file types is a way to bulk upload them all via .zip archives. Cool.

Check out Zoho’s video walk-through of features from Zoho’s announcement for more information.

While Zoho’s individual applications pack more powerful menu options than Google Docs, Google Docs has had this kind of file manager from its inception. With relative feature parity, there is little reason not to check out Zoho’s powerful online suite and see if you can ditch any desktop alternatives.

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