Android: Does Everything an iPhone Can Do, Except Clumsier

Looks like the internet is quickly filling up on first hand reviews of T-Mobile’s new G1 mobile phone. The phone runs the first version of Google’s Android mobile operating system.

I had a chance to play with one, and from what I can tell, it is a fully capable phone. In fact, if you lined up all the features an iPhone has and compared them to the same list for Android, I bet the lists would look pretty similar.

  • Dialer with searchable contacts
  • Calendar
  • E-Mail
  • Full featured browser with zoom
  • Music Player
  • App Store
  • Music Store
  • Google Maps
  • A desktop that tells time

You get the idea. Android syncs seemlessly with Gmail and Google Calendar and can make use of a built in compass, and that is useful. On the other hand, the iPhone benefits from inheriting the iPod’s music playing prowess.

The thing is, the iPhone’s operational design simply trumps Android’s. Getting the same functionality out of Android is just clumsier.

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