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Is Google Code Gearing up to Support Git?

google code logoGoogle Code has been a huge success with developers wanting a simple way to host and track their programming projects. Google Code offers a very nice web interface that makes managing Subversion much easier than competing sites like SourceForge. However, with Git’s meteoric rise to version tracking fame, many developers have starting defecting from Google Code to Git-based sites like GitHub.

But Google Code may soon support support Git as well.

Although in the past Google has said that the company had “no intention of

supporting additional version control systems any time in the near future,” Ben Collins-Sussman, a software engineer at Google, recently let slip that Google Code Git support is “in progress.”

Of course, “in progress” could be a long way from “Google Code supports Git” and it remains unclear whether Collins-Sussman was referring to Git or Mercurial, but if you’ve been pining for Git on Google Code, it sounds like Google might be listening.

[via Chris Messina]

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