Lightroom Update Promises Speed, More Camera Support

Lightroom2boxAdobe is set to release an update for its raw image editor, Lightroom, which offers the latest version of Adobe’s Camera Raw software as well as support for new camera models and some speed improvements on 64-bit systems.

The update should be welcome news for those with brand new SLRs like the popular Nikon D90 or Canon EOS 50D. The Lightroom 2.1 update adds support for a total of 15 new digital cameras, including all that latest Canon and Nikon models.

The latest version of Lightroom also promises “improved Photoshop integration,” though Adobe’s press release doesn’t offer any specifics as to what’s been improved.

Along with the release of Lightroom 2.1, Adobe has announced an update to its Camera Raw plugin with support for the same new cameras added to Lightroom. Camera Raw 5.1 is available for anyone who’s already made the leap to Photoshop CS 4. Those of us still using CS3 already got the new camera support with Camera Raw 4.6, which arrived earlier this month.

Adobe has also released some new camera profiles on the Adobe Labs site. The profiles are designed to improve the default raw processing for cameras like the Leica M8, Nikon D90 and others.

As of this writing the Adobe Updates page still doesn’t have links to the new Lightroom or Camera Raw plugin, nor did Lightroom 2.0 detect any updates. But when the two are finally available you’ll be able to find them here.

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