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OpenID Advocate Identifies Four Areas to Focus

OpenID UX SummitLast week over 40 open thinkers met at Yahoo for the OpenID/OAuth User Experience Summit. Representatives from major web companies and innovative players spent a day discussing how to improve what they all hope will be a single sign-on owned by everybody.

Chris Messina, an OpenID advocate, attended the summit and came away with four areas he thinks OpenID needs to focus:

  • “Make it easier!”
  • Branding and marketing, so OpenID is recognized
  • Consistency of user experience
  • Leadership from OpenID Foundation

The over-arching goal, it seems, is to get OpenID ready for the masses. We’ve seen positive signs from the Yahoo usability study, but also learned that there’s a lot of user education needed to make it fit their mental model. Messina’s checklist is a good place to start.

[Photo by Chris Messina]

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