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ReadItLater Firefox Extension Now Supports Google Reader, Offline Browsing

read it laterThe very popular and award-winning ReadItLater extension for Firefox has just rolled out a new version with support for links inside Google Reader. The service is also now available on other browsers via some new bookmarklets.

The idea behind ReadItLater is that there just isn’t time to follow every potentially interesting link. Instead, the extension allows you to store long articles, links and interesting tidbits in a kind of staging area. Those links can then be accessed through the menu item, via an RSS feed and other means.

Once ReadItLater is installed, you’ll notice that every page in Firefox gains an additional red check mark in the toolbar (just to the left of the Firefox bookmark star). Click that and the current page will be saved to the staging area. There’s also a contextual menu item so you can right click and save links without needing to visit the page.

The recent update adds the same red check mark option directly inside Google Reader, making it easy to save links without needing to open the page. The other big news is that you can have your ReadItLater items downloaded for offline reading.

Also new is the ability for other browsers to get in on the fun. To use ReadItLater in Internet Explorer for instance, just set up an account at the ReadItLater List site, and then add the bookmarklets to your toolbar.

Although I personally use InstaPaper (in conjunction with the iPhone app) for storing items I plan to read at some point, ReadItLater has quite a few features far and above InstaPaper which make it well worth a look. You can grab the latest version of the ReadItLater extension from the Firefox Add-ons site.

[high five Lifehacker]

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