Songbird Media Player Gearing Up for 1.0 Release

songbirdSongbird, the media player that’s one part iTunes, one part Firefox, is nearly ready to release its long-awaited version 1.0. The Songbird blog reports that 1.0 should arrive in about a month.

It’s worth noting that the timeframe is “approximate,” but even adding a bit of time for unexpected delays, we’re still very likely to see 1.0 before the end of the year.

That should good news for those of you fed up with iTunes and other media players (most of which are essentially the same as they were 7-8 years ago, Amarok being one notable exception).

Among the goals for the 1.0 release are:

  • Reduced RAM Usage
  • Reduced Startup Times
  • Faster Media Importing
  • Faster Search
  • GStreamer Media Cores on all platforms

There’s no official release date yet, but we’ll keep you posted. If you’re unfamiliar with Songbird, be sure to check out our previous coverage for an overview of what the app does and why you might like it better than iTunes and others.

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