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Build an App With Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo PipesYahoo’s data plumbing application, Pipes, lets you turn RSS feeds and output from APIs into data you can use. It’s extremely powerful.

One cool feature I hadn’t noticed is that it has the ability to output to a web service. So, you can set up a page on your own server to accept input from Pipes when the result changes. While I love the RSS output option, if you’re building an app on top of Pipes, you’d need to ping the RSS feed often. The web service feature means always having the latest data available to Pipes.

The Pipes team posted a brief tutorial showing how to use Pipes with AppJet and Google App Engine. In these cases, you don’t even need to have your own server to accept the output–and do something–with Pipes data.

If you’re brand new to Pipes, be sure to check out my Pipes tutorial.

[via Amber Case]

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