Share Your Mundane Details

Pie chart of ingesting liquid

The web has all sorts of data, but it’s sorely missing yours. If you request an account from Daytum, you can change that.

The site lets its users collect data about themselves and share it via beautiful charts. Track your coffee consumption, how often you exercise, or anything else that matters to you.

One of the site’s creators, Nicholas Felton creates a personal annual report each year that shows his year in data. Through gorgeous visualizations, Felton shows off the mundane. And now you can, too.

Felton gave a talk about the history of Daytum at the Future of Web Design. His slides are embedded below:

Using the site is super easy. You can drop in, add some data, and drop out. There’s also a Twitter submission system, for adding your data on the go.

The site is so simple, yet has a number of options for users. There’s lots of room for improvement, such as an API to allow some automated inclusion of data. Overall, this is a fun, easy-to-use site that’s worth checking out.

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