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API Gives Developers Keys to Google Analytics

A long-awaited API to Google Analytics data is finally available to data-hungry developers Tuesday. The API enables developers access to their Analytics-enabled website traffic statistics.

The API was one of Analytics’ top requested feature. Clever developers will be able to download traffic data using home-built applications. SEO managers will be able to better track their website’s popularity. IT pros will be able to program monitors to track if traffic spikes or drops suddenly.

Bundled with the release were third-party software applications utilizing the new API. Actual Metrics has developed an Android mobile application for checking your website stats on the fly. Desktop-Reporting has released a desktop application and desktop widget.

The API uses the Google Data API format. This is the same API protocol offered for Google Calendar, Finance and Webmaster Tools products. Documentation for utilizing the new API is available at Analytics’ code site.

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