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Facebook Announces Support for OpenID Logins

What a day for Facebook.

The company has announced it is becoming an OpenID relying party, enabling users to log in to Facebook using an OpenID from any provider like MySpace, Google, Yahoo or AOL.

Facebook engineer Luke Shepard made the announcement at a developer event held at the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto on Monday. Earlier the same day, Facebook launched its new Open Streams API, a set of standards-based tools developers can use to incorporate user’s streams into third-party applications.

Shepard says Facebook will auto-detect if a user is logged in to any OpenID account when they arrive at So, for example, if you’re already logged in to Gmail when you visit Facebook, you’ll be given the option to automatically log in to Facebook with one click. New users will also be able to quickly get started on Facebook by authenticating with OpenID.

This development comes less than three months after Facebook joined the board of the OpenID Foundation.

Does this mean an end to the “cold war” between Facebook Connect and OpenID? Maybe, but more importantly, it means there are fewer hurdles to the broad adoption of single sign-on technologies across the web.

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