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Firediff Extension Tracks Your Firebug Changes

Firediff is a new and useful extension to Firebug that monitors and displays any changes you make to a web page’s HTML and CSS.

The output is color coded and highlights all insertions and deletions to the web page as made through the Firebug interface. The application is not unlike the popular “diff” application found in Unix-based operating systems that allows you to see a side by side comparison of any and all differences between text files.

Firebug is the debugging add-on for Firefox that allows you inspect properties of the web page and make experimental changes on the fly. Firebug has taken on a life of its own, inspiring add-ons to the add-on like Yahoo’s YSlow or Firediff.

Firediff was released Friday and works with Firebug latest 1.4 release. Details and downloads are available at developer Kevin Decker’s blog.

[Hat tip Ajaxian]

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