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Get Your Keyboard Porn Fix at Geekhack

If you’ve ever wondered where the real keyboard nerds hang out on the internet, it’s at a web forum called

For those who lust after keyboards, mice and strange input devices like glowing, space-aged hockey pucks, the amount and depth of knowledge to be found within its virtual walls is unparalleled.

User iMav, one of the site’s admins, started a monster thread about how to change your keyboards’ boring old beige or white keys into any combination colors using RIT dye, the same, cheap drug store find you can use to dye your t-shirts (the results are seen above).

Some other discussions: advice on replacing the standard LEDs on a Unicomp keyboard, insanely detailed reviews of boutique Japanese hardware, some truly eye-catching DIY mods and a hack to bring your beloved IBM Model-M into the modern era by replacing its PS/2 interface with a USB port.

For the truly devoted, there’s even a forum for posting audio samples of your favorite keyboards in action. A great place to visit if you’d like to brag about the clacking of your Cherry switch.

Thanks to Paul for the tip!