Internet Explorer 8 Auto-Update Coming

The internet explorer team is expected to give IE 6 and 7 users a very visual clue their browsers are woefully outdated: an automatic update prompt.

The update will offer Windows XP, vista, Server 2003 or Server 2008 operating system users three choices: Ask later, install now or don’t install.

The auto-update, if successful, should boost the somewhat flagging Internet Explorer 8 adoption numbers. More importantly, it will also be a great relief to web developers all over the world still making concessions for old bugs and outdated standards still found in IE 6.

It will also allow users the ability to do several new things Internet Explorer 8 enables, as featured by Scott Gilbertson’s “Ten Things to do on the Web When IE 6 is Dead” post earlier this week. Information on the auto-update can be found at the Internet Explorer blog.